Thursday, March 3, 2016

Meet Trixie the Blind Pit Bull with the Sweetest Face Ever

I'm a foster mom to Trixie, a sweet-as-pie blind pit bull adoptable through Sean Casey Animal Rescue. Here she is.

Photos by Rachel Cohen Maso of Brooklyn DogTime

As you can see, she's pretty damn cute. Her tongue is too long for her face so it's perpetually hanging, she's missing one eye and the other is not functional. She was found at 7 weeks old in a dumpster in Bushwick outside a building where the super is notorious for periodically dumping litters of pit bull puppies at local shelters. So whenever they get puppies from that building or nearby, the Sean Casey staff calls them "Trixie's brothers and sisters." When she was picked up, she had pneumonia, hypothermia, she was severely malnourished, and of course, completely blind. Nobody expected her to survive. But she did, thanks to her humans at the time, who nursed her back to health.

Trixie's been in boarding at an animal hospital for about a year and just came home with me on Monday. Stay tuned for updates on her journey!